Frequently asked Questions

How do I change my registered phone number?

We do not recommend that you change your phone number as this may be linked to your financial products. However, if it is truely necessary get in touch with us at

What are badges?

Badges are our special way of appreciating your progress and hard work. You can even share these badges through messages with your friends to let them know of your successes.

Can I transfer my profile to another number?

We do not recommend that you change your phone number as this may be linked to your financial products. However, if it is truely necessary get in touch with us at

How do I close my account?

Please write to us at to have your account closed.

Why do I need to share my location?

By sharing your location, Mahila Money will be able to help you pre-fill your application for any financial services like Loans, Bank accounts, Mahila Money cards among others. We will also be able to recommend the content based on the location shared.

What do the points mean?

Mahila Money points are earned upon completion of activities and milestones as laid out in your Profile section of the app. Mahila Money will introduce new milestones and activities from time to time through which you can earn points.

How can I use the points I have earned?

Mahila Money points can be used on Mahila Money's platform as published on the Profile section from time to time.

How can I refer a friend?

From the profile section of the Mahila Money Platform, under Refer a Friend, you may copy the referral code assigned to you and share with your friend. Your friend must use this referral code while signing up for the first time on Mahila Money's platform. In case your friend enters the wrong code or forgets to enter your code, you may contact

Can I check if a referred friend has joined?

You cannot check if a referred friend has joined, however, on her joining points will reflect in your accured points.

What is the Leaderboard?

A leaderboard is a publicly available scoreboard of Mahila Money users, showcasing the user's name and the number of points earned for her activities on the Mahila Money platform. We will reward the top-ranking users on the Leaderboard in monetary and non-monetary forms from time to time.

How do I check my rank on the Leaderboard?

To check your rank on the leaderboard login to the Mahila Money website and open Refer and Earn

What is a post?

Posts are simple messages you can leave on the community section of Mahila Money platform for all community members to read/watch. A few things to note about Posts:

1. While creating a post, you must choose a hashtag (#) from the list provided. This makes it easier for community members to find posts related to a specific topic.

2. Once posted, you cannot choose to delete it from your profile

3. You cannot edit a post once published in the community

4. Once published on the community page, other uses can comment, like and share your post

5. You can also post anonymously, if you feel you do not want to reveal your name to other users on the platform.

However, the Mahila Money Support Team will be able to identify you and in case your post does not meet our Community Guidelines , the team will reach out to you and remove your post from the Community page

What is a money tip?

If you want to share any recommendation basis your own experience in life or business, you can record a video, add a simple description and post in the community.

What is a product review?

If you have purchased or subcribed to any financial product on the Mahila Money platform, you will be able to share your feedback about the product through a product review post.

How can I add a new post?

You will find an option in the bottom of your Mahila Money homescreen labelled "+". You can post as many times as you wish and can choose any of the post types.

I find someone post offensive. What should I do?

You will find a button on every post labelled "Report".
Once you click on the button, the user who made the post and Mahila Money support team will be notified. Mahila Money Support Team will investigate and if:

1. The post is found to be non compliant with any of our community guidelines, the user who posted it will be warned and the post will be permanently deleted.

2. If the post is in accordance with the Community Guidelines, no action will be taken.

Where can I find my saved post?

You can find your saved posts in the Profile section of the Mahila Money mobile application

Where can I find my posts?

You can find the posts created by you in the Profile section of the Mahila Money mobile application

What are hashtags?

Hashtags are a simple way of identifying a topic like #Loans or #SmallBusiness among others. While creating a post, you will be asked to choose a hastag from a list of options that best describe what your post is about.

If you feel you post is covers more than one hashtag, choose the single most important one that will help other community members. Hashtags simplify the way you can search for posts made in the community about a certain topic.

How do I find a post related to a topic?

Every post in the community has a # at the very top of the post and is blue in colour. You may click on the blue hashtag and all the posts published under this topic will appear.

You may also use the search bar. By clicking on the search bar you will see the most popular hashtags being searched by other community members or you can choose from the list of hashtags that have been used by all community members to make a post. In any scenario, if you click on a hashtag and no posts appear, it is because the hashtag has not been used yet by any community member to make a post

How can I share a post?

On every post there is a chat icon. By clicking on this option, you will be prompted with options available for you to share the post with your friends outside the Mahila Money app. They will receive the link of the post and will be able to read the entire post after downloading Mahila Money app.

When should I post?

A post is a very useful way to ask questions, share your thoughts and experiences with others. You can post at any time whether it be a question troubling you at 3 am or a fun meme making you chuckle at 3 pm

What is an event?

An event is a live session hosted on Mahila Money's app. From time to time, Mahila Money will invite women from across all industries to share their experiences and answer questions of our community members attending the session.

Our sessions are free for all Mahila Money members to attend through the app. You can also save the event for a reminder if you are interested.

How do I attend an event?

There are several ways to attend an event.

1. You can search for an event while it is live on app and click on "join".

2. You can save the event that you want to join by clicking on "interested" and when the event is approaching you will find a link to attend event in your Profile

How do I join an event after I got dropped off?

Please re-open Mahila Money's app and if the event is still live, you will find it's post on the very top of the community page. You can simply click on the post and join again.

How can I ask a question in an event?

You can ask a question in event by Clicking on "More" on the bottom panel of your event screen. In the menu that opens up you will find a "Chat" option. You can use this space to post questions and interact with the speakers.

I missed an event. What now?

Our team records all the sessions and may take up to a week to post the event in the "past events" section that can be found through your profile.

Where can I find the a past event recording?

It may take up to a week to post a completed event in the "past events" section that can be found through your profile.

Can I also set up a event?

Currently, you can not set up an event. However, as we release updates in the app you will be able to have your own small group video chats :)

How can I get a loan?

Simply complete the loan application from the Bank section of the app or Loan section on the website, submit your documents, and that's it! Our team will get in touch with you to assist you in the process.

What loan amount can I get?

Currently, we offer loans from Rs 10,000 to Rs 5,00,000 with a tenure ranging from 6 to 60 months, depending on the loan amount.

What is the rate of interest on my loan?

We are currently offering a 25% reducing interest rate.

When is my EMI due?

Your EMI is due on the 5th of every month. Our team will inform you, and the repayment link for your EMIs will be available in your profile section.

How can I repay my loan?

You can repay your loan using the repayment link shared with you. You can make the payment via UPI, wallet, debit card or net banking.

You also have the option of setting up eNACH - an auto-debit facility that will deduct the amount directly from the bank account as provided by you on the 5th of every month.

Can I close an ongoing loan?

Yes, you may close an ongoing loan only after 50% of tenure is through There will be penalty charges for any early closure of an ongoing loan.

These charges are revised from time to time. Therefore, you must contact us at to know the details.

Can I get multiple loans?

Currently, we can only offer one loan at a time to a single user. You must clear the ongoing loan before applying for a new loan.

How do I set up auto-debit/ NACH?

Upon loan approval, our team will ask you for your preferred mode of repayment between paying yourself through a payment link or by setting up eNACH.

If you choose the repayment link, our team will make your link available to you through your profile section 14 days before your due date. If you choose eNACH, our team will help you set up the feature by net banking or debit card.

What all modes can I use to make my repayment?

If you choose to pay via the payment link, you can use UPI, wallet, debit card and net banking to make your payment at any time within 14 days from before your due date.

If you have set up eNACh, the money will be automatically deducted on the due date from the bank account as indicated by you while setting up the process.

What can I submit as income proof if I don't have an income yet?

You can submit your application form without uploading your income proof.

When our team calls you, they will ask you questions to understand your financial status and upcoming plans basis which they will suggest documents that can help us validate your ability to repay the loan.

What is a credit score?

A Credit Score varies between 300-900 given by various credit rating agencies in case you have availed loan, credit card or running loan in past 3 years.

Your score can also be 0, in case there is no such financial instrument in your portfolio for past 3 years, it tells about credit worthiness of customer

Will taking a loan from you improve my credit score?

Your credit score is not affected by submitting a loan application or making an enquiry. Only when your loan is approved and disbursed your credit score is impacted.

Whether it improves or falls depends on your repayment behaviour. Any delays/defaults in repayment lead to a lower score, and any early/ on-time repayments help you improve your score.

Who is giving me a loan?

Mahila Money is the facilitator, helping you get quick and easy access to loans from our lending partner(s).

Who are Mahila Money's lending partners?

We work with established lending partner(s), one of whom sanctions the loan to you.

Do I pay Mahila Money or the lending partner?

The EMI paid by you is credited into the lending partner's account.

Why do I get messages/ calls from the lending partner?

Our lending partners are government-regulated entities allowed to lend to users. However, as per the regulations, they must inform you regarding your loans. Mahila Money works very closely with its lending partner(s), and in case of any issue faced by any communication received that you don't understand, please feel free to write to us at

Do I have to download the app of the lending partner?

No, You do not have to download any other app. All the information is available for you to see on the Mahila Money app. In case you would like any other details, you may write to us at

Why is the status of my repayment not updated on the lending partner's app?

You do not need to download the lending partner's app.
In case you have, their app may take up to 5 days (subject to the lending partner's policies) to reflect the updated status of your loan. On the other hand, we update your loan status within 24 hours of your activity.

How long does it take to get my loan after sanction?

A loan approved on a weekday before 3 pm gets credited into your account on the same day. Any loan approved on a bank holiday gets disbursed on the next working day.

What is KYC?

KYC (Know your customer) is a government-regulated process to ensure that each user is verified and the lending partner takes full accountability for ensuring no fraudulent activity happens.

The regulator revises the KYC verification process, and all financial institutions must abide by the changes. Currently, we require your PAN Card, AADHAR Card and a recent photo of yourself for KYC verification.

I do not have primary savings account with any bank. What should I do?

Mahila Money is about women's progress and financial independence. If you do not have your own bank account, we urge you to open one through any bank of your choice.

What is the eligibility criteria to avail of a loan with MM?

To be eligible for a loan, you must be a woman meeting the following criteria:
1. You must be a resident of India.
2. You must be 21-55 years of age.
3. You must have your own bank account or must be the primary holder in a joint bank account.

The assessment criteria for loan approval are multiple factors like the reason for taking the loan, current financial status, ability to repay the loan, and past payment history.

Is it possible to get a loan higher than xx amount?

Currently, we only offer loans between INR 10,000 and INR 5,00,000. You may, however, write to us at if you wish to avail of a loan of a higher amount.

What is the duration of the loan?

The current loan tenure is upto 2 years depending on loan amount

How much will I have to pay as EMI against my loan?

The current interest rate is 25% per annum reducing. A comprehensive, only indicative EMI for different loan amounts is as given below

What are the documents required to apply for a loan?

You are requested to submit the following documents:
1. Selfie.
2. Front and back of Aadhar Card.
3. Pancard.
4. Bank statements of past 3-6 months depending on loan amount.

What if I do not have the required documents?

We must collect your KYC documents, i.e., your selfie, Aadhaar and Pancard.

If you do not earn an income yet, our team will suggest other alternative documents that will help us verify your repaying ability.

I am unable to upload xx documents. What should I do?

Please write to us at, and we will help you upload your document.

What does it mean to have a low credit score?

If you do not have any credit score, it is because you may have never taken a loan before or paid a credit card bill.

If you have a low score, you may have a minimal financial transaction history or because you may have defaulted/ made late payments for your previous loans.

You can always improve your credit score by paying your dues timely :)

What is auto-debit/NACH?

eNACH is an auto-debit facility that allows you to give the loan disbursing organisation permission to deduct your instalment at a predefined date from your account.

At the time of auto-debit, if your account does not have sufficient funds, a penalty is charged by both your bank and the loan disbursing organisation.  

Do I have to provide any security, collateral or guarantors?

Being an active member of the Mahila Money family, you have many privileges. The most important being your credibility. Based on this credibility and trust you've gathered, you can apply for a loan 'apne dum pe' without the need of any guarantor or security collateral for the current loan size of INR 10,000 to INR 5,00,000.

Why did my loan application get rejected?

We may reject loan applications based on 2 criteria (broadly) – current ability to repay a loan and past financial stability. Our team will always tell you why your loan was closed and what you must do to improve your chances of approval for the next time you apply.

Why is it essential to have a high Credit Score?

A higher credit score indicates that you have a good track record concerning repayment of EMIs and loans, which you may have taken in the past. A high credit score increases the approval chances of your loan than those with a lower score. You also may enjoy lower interest rates with a high credit score.

Can I take this loan for business purposes, health, education or personal use?

Currently, you can take a loan through Mahila Money for any purpose. We strongly advise you to make a clear plan for your repayment - be sure how you will pay on time.

Is it safe to share my bank details and documents on the app or via whats app?

Rest assured, it is safe to share your documents with us on the app or through our official WhatsApp number. At Mahila Money, data security is our priority. Therefore, all of your data is kept strictly confidential. You may refer to our Privacy policy for more details.

Where do I get the money after loan approval?

Once your loan application is approved and processed, the funds will be transferred to your bank account - shared on the loan application form.

I need help managing the loan money. Can you provide any guidance?

Sure. If you've taken a loan and need advice on managing / utlising the money effectively, we can help.
Reach out to us at +91 8095171600 or customercare@mahila.moneyWhile we guide you and offer advice in the process, you understand that the ultimate decision of acting upon the advice is yours alone and that Mahila Money will not be liable for the final action you take.

My loan application got rejected due to some wrongly entered details. Do I have to re-submit the new form and supporting documents again?

Our team will reach out to you on call if we find any problems with the loan application or the submitted documents and share the next steps.

When can I reapply if my application gets rejected?

You can re-apply after 4 months of your loan rejection unless advised otherwise.

Wil I get a loan for going on a vacation/buying jewellery etc?

We currently do not facilitate loans for this purpose. We essentially aim at empowering women in their financial growth and independence .  We strongly advise you to apply for a loan only for business setup or expansion, medical emergencies, educational purposes only.

Will I get a loan if I have a newly opened bank account?

It is necessary that you provide us with your most recent bank statements and other documents as advised by our team. Depending on the purpose of your loan, we may require business related documents/proofs and a very clear uderstanding of your next steps. Once that is obtained we can move ahead for the next stesps.

How do I check about the status of my loan?

To check the status of your loan, contact customer care.
Here are details of customer care
Whatsapp: 9810198994
Call: 080-95171600

Can I post about my loan status on community?

Kindly refrain from making a post in the community regarding your application for a Mahila Money Financial Product like loan. For any such query, contact customer care. Mahila Money reserves the right to delete these posts.

What is Broken Period Interest?

Broken Period Interest(BPI)  is charged when the time between the actual date of loan disbursal and the 1st EMI is more than 31 days. Your loan amount was disbursed on 10th Feb and your first EMI is on 5th April. Hence, the BPI for this period has been calculated and deducted upfront.

What is a Mahila Money Pin?

Mahila Money Pin is a secure pin used to protect all of your financial data. We require you to set up this pin the first time you start using any product under the Bank section. After that, we will ask you to re-enter this pin to authenticate yourself every 7 days.

How do I reset my Mahila Money Pin?

To reset your Mahila Money pin click  "Forgot pin?"
You will get directed to "Enter OTP" screen. Once you have verified your OTP you will be allowed to reset your pin.

What is the Mahila Money Card?

Mahila Money card is a PPI (Pre-paid Instrument) issued by Transcorp and powered by Visa. This is a digital card and can be used to make payments at your near by stores, restaurant, malls, online shopping websites. You can even transfer money from a bank account into the PPI using the Mahila Money app.

What is a Prepaid Instrument (PPI)?

A PPI is like a prepaid phone sim card. If you top up your prepaid sim with money, you receive talktime and data. Similarly, to use the Mahila Money Card, you need to top up the card with money to be able to use it. You can only use your card to the extent that you have loaded an amount on to it and thus your balance cannot be negative. If you try to make a transaction of an amount higher than the balance in your card, the transaction will fail.

Who is Transcorp?

Transcorp is an RBI licensed PPI card issuer. Simply put Transcorp has the license to issue these cards and because it is regulated by the RBI it is required to maintain the highest standard of compliance.

Who is Visa?

Visa is a network provider for credit and debit cards. The Mahila Money card is run through Visa's network.

What are advantages of Mahila Money Card?

The Mahila Money Card can be used by you in a range of scenarios and comes with some amazing features:
1) No need to separately open a bank account to use the Mahila Money Card
2) You can get your Mahila Money Card by completing basic KYC
3) You can easily top up the card through the Mahila Money App using debit cards, UPI or net banking
4) Mahila Money card can be used at shopping malls, restaurants, shops, online portals
5) You can load upto INR 10,000 a month in your Mahila Money card
6) You can track all your expenses on the Mahila Money card through the Mahila Money app
7) The Mahila Money card often has exciting offers in the form of cashbacks, discounts, lucky draws etc
8) Being a digital card, there is no hassle of carrying the card in your pocket/purse. You can carry this card with you, at all times, to all places without any fear of the card being damaged or stolen.

Do I get any interest on the balance on  Mahila Money Card?

You will receive no interest on the balance of your Mahila Money Card.

Is there any issuance charge with respect to Mahila Money card? Is there any monthly, quarterly or annual charges or hidden charges of any sorts with respect to the Mahila Money card?

At Mahila Money, we are on a mission to financially empower women. Thus, the card has no issuance charge and has no monthly, quarterly or annual charges. There are no hidden charges whatsoever.

Do I need to maintain any minimum balance in my Mahila Money card to keep it active?

Mahila Money card can be maintained with zero balance. Thus, you can use the balance uploaded in your card to the last rupee without the need to maintain a minimum balance.

Is my Mahila Money card secure/safe?

Mahila Money card is very secure as it comes with Pin Authentication and is powered by Visa.  Without knowing your Authentication Pin no one will be able to make a transaction.

How can I activate my Mahila Money card?

To activate your card, you must complete your Minimum KYC as per the regulations. To complete your Minimum KYC you will be requested to share the following details:
1. Full Name
2. Mobile Number
3. Email ID
4. ID number of any one of these documents - Aadhaar Card or Pancard
After sharing these details, our system will check if all the information is correct and if all is ok, you will be required to complete an OTP verification after which your card will be activated.

How do I set my PIN for the Mahila Money card?

After your card is activated, you will be prompted to set your Mahila Money card 4-digit PIN number. This PIN will be required by you at any offline or online store while making transactions. You can only set your 4-digit PIN number through the Mahila Money mobile app.

Is my Mahila Money Card PIN and the security code set for the Mahila Money app the same?

No, these are two different codes. Your Mahila Money Card PIN is specifically for making transactions through your card and you will be required to enter this at any online or offline store while making transactions. The Mahila Money Security code is for you to be able to keep all your financial information safe on your phone so that no one can access it. Our suggestion is you ensure both these codes are different.

If I believe my PIN is compromised, can I change it?

Yes, you can change the PIN through the Mahila Money app. Simply go to the Mahila Money Card section in the app, and click on the settings icon.In the settings icon, you will see the option of "Change PIN". You will be asked to enter the old PIN and then set a new PIN.

Can I block it?

Mahila Money card can be maintained with zero balance. Thus, you can use the balance uploaded in your card to the last rupee without the need to maintain a Yes, you can block your card through Mahila Money app. Simply go to the Mahila Money Card section in the app, and click on the settings icon.In the settings icon, you will see the option of "Block card". You will be asked to verify your OTP to block the card.minimum balance.

Can I unblock my Mahila Money card?

Yes, you can unblock your card through Mahila Money app. Simply go to the Mahila Money Card section in the app, and click on the settings icon.In the settings icon, you will see the option of "Unblock card". You will be asked to verify your OTP to unblock the card.

I have got my card blocked, but the same contained xyz rupees in balance. Will I be issued a new card containing the remaining balance?

Once you have registered for a Mahila Money Card, your balance can be used by a virtual or a physical card linked to that account. In case you block a card, the subsequently issued card will have the remaining balance.

What will happen to a Mahila Money Card that is not used for a certain period?

A Mahila Money Card with no financial transaction for a consecutive period of one year shall be considered  inactive after sending a notice to the Mahila Money Card  holder. It can be reactivated only after validation and applicable due diligence.

How do I start using my Mahila Money Card?

Once your card is successfully activated, you can simply top up your card with any amount upto INR 10,000 and start using it. To top up your card, simple follow the steps below:
1. Click on Add Money
2. Choose from the option you would like to use from Debit Card, UPI or Net Banking
3. Enter the value
4. Complete OTP verification And finally you will see the amount reflected in the balance of your Mahila Money card on the app itself.

Is it mandatory for the Mahila Money Card holder to register for SMS alerts?


Is the customer supposed to get an alert of transaction in his / her PPI account?


How much money can I top up my Mahila Money Card with?

In a single month you can top up your card with minimum INR 1 and maximum INR 10,000. At no time can the balance in  your card exceed an amount of INR 10,000.

For how long is my Mahila Money Card active ?

Your Mahila Money card is active for a period of 24 months from the date of issue.

What happens to outstanding balance if the Mahila Money Card is not required anymore and has to be closed?

You as the holder of the Mahila Money Card have the option to close the Mahila Money Card at any time and transfer the funds ‘back to source’ (payment source from where the Mahila Money Card was loaded) at the time of closure. Alternatively, the closure proceeds can be transferred to a bank account after complying with the KYC requirements.

What happens when 24 months are over?

In this case, you will not be able to top up your Mahila Money card further, any balance amount will be transferred back to source upon request

Can the Mahila Money Card be used for cross-border outward transactions?


Will I get same  card number if I  apply again after my Mahila Money card expires?

No, we will not be able to provide you with the same card number if your card expires or you apply for another card.

What if my transaction fails at the time of payment in a store?

If you had sufficient balance on your card and your transaction still fails while the amount was debited from your card then the same amount will be refunded to your card within 5 working days.

Why is my transaction failing continuously?

Any of the following reasons could be a reason for transaction failure:
1) Your card has not been activated
2) The amount of the purchase exceeds the available balance
3) Your card has expired
4) Your card has been reported lost or stolen
5) You have entered your PIN incorrectly
6) Any other technical issues

I have zero balance/ insufficient balance in my prepaid account and I initiated a payment transaction, which was declined. Will there be a penalty, charge or a  deduction?

There is no penalty, charge or deduction  as the Mahila Money card can be maintained with zero balance.

Will I get an alert for transaction on my Mahila Money Card?

Yes, you will get an SMS on your registered mobile number for all transactions.

Where can I check my transactions and balance details?

You can check your transaction and balance details on the Mahila Money app in your Mahila Money card section.

I have a daughter/ sister who is a minor, can the card be issued in her name?

No, we do not have the ability to issue the card to a minor right now.

I understand that Mahila Money Prepaid card is a virtual card, but is there an option to get a physical card as well?

Currently, we only have the virtual card, but we will be launching the physical card soon. When we do so, we shall reach out to our existing Mahila Money card holders to let them know!

I had purchased a Mahila Money card, which presently has certain balance amount left in it. I am no longer interested in using the Mahila Money card. Can I get a refund? If yes, what is the procedure and will there be any deduction for initiating such refund?

Yes, the refund will be initiated by contacting the customer care of Mahila Money, as provided under the terms and conditions of the Mahila Money Card.

I am experiencing certain issues with my Card and/or I have certain queries which are not covered under this FAQ. Whom do I contact?

We understand that you may be experiencing certain issues or you may have queries with respect to the Mahila Money Card. We are always available for you! Please email to reach out to us.

Where can the customer report an unauthorised transaction on his / her Mahila Money card?

Mahila Money provide customers with 24x7 access via +918048159535 /  for reporting unauthorised transactions and / or loss or theft of the PPI. Further, a direct link for lodging of complaints, with specific option to report unauthorised electronic payment transactions is provided by Mahila Money on the mobile app/ homepage.

In cases where the loss is due to negligence by the customer, such as where he / she has shared the payment credentials, who will bear the loss and to what extent?

In cases where the loss is due to negligence by the customer, such as where she has shared the payment credentials, the customer will bear the entire loss incurred prior to reporting the unauthorised transaction to Mahila Money.

After how many days will an eligible amount for an unauthorised transaction be credited to the customer’s account?

Any eligible amount will be credited within 10 (ten) days of such unauthorised transaction being reported to Mahila Money.

What are the terms of usage for my Mahila Money Card?

Mahila Money Cards terms can be accessed at

What is a Goal?

We all have our dreams, and sometimes we get lost in our small notebook scribbles. Mahila Money Goals section is a fun way to track all your goals in one place.

Over the following few updates in the app, we have fascinating features coming up in this section - from tracking your saving against your goal to recommendations of how you can achieve these goals.

How can I set a Goal?

Three easy steps:

1. Click on the goal of your choice from the list of options available
2. Select your goal preference - is it an absolute must or just something you wish but are unsure about.
3. Put in the amount you wish to save and your time to achieve the goal.

Voila! You have set a goal!

How many Goals can I fix?

You can set as many goals as you wish to achieve.
However, we recommend you start with a few, make some progress and then put more goals.

How can I achieve my goal?

Currently, you can only set your goals in the app. You can achieve your goals by saving from the money you earn, talking to other community members, upskilling and most importantly - believing in yourself :)

You can save through the Mahila Money app in the subsequent few releases and track your performance against your goal.

How can I track my progress?

In the current app version, you will have to track your progress manually. In the subsequent few releases, you will be able to enter your progress and see a summary in the app.

What is the Insurance Product?

The Insurance Product is a free of cost insurance product made available by Mahila Money to users to whom loans have been successfully sanctioned and disbursed via the Mahila Money platform.

Is Mahila Money offering these insurance products by itself?

No, we have collaborated with Magma HDI General Insurance Company Private Limited which is offering the insurance product.

What is the eligibility criteria to buy a health insurance ?

A registered user in the age bracket of 18-60 years, to whom a loan has been successfully sanctioned and disbursed via the Mahila Money platform after the date of 04 November 2022 and to whom the Insurance Product has been offered by Mahila Money.

What are the terms and conditions of this Insurance Product?

Please refer to the on the  Insurance Ts and Cs on the Mahila Money platform for further information.

What are the documents required to make a claim under the Insurance Product?

All terms and conditions of the Insurance Product are available under the Insurance Ts & Cs (and the Policy document which is made available to you). To make a claim and/or for further information around the claim process under the Insurance Product please write to us at

Is providing a nomination necessary?

No, providing a nomination is not compulsory.  In case there is no subsisting nominee,  discharge to the legal heirs or legal representatives of the Policyholder  whose shall be treated as full and final discharge of liability under the  Policy.

What will happen to the Policy in case of misrepresentation?

The policy shall be void in the event of misrepresentation, misdescription or non-disclosure of any material fact by you as a policy-holder.

For any grievances or disputes please reach out to the Mahila Money Grievance Officer at
Siddhika Aggarwal
Mahila Money Pte. Ltd.
E-mail ID: -

If you have taken a loan from Ekagrata Finance Private Limited (via the Mahila Money platform) you can also reach out to the Ekagrata Finance Grievance Officer at:
Mrs. Asha Daniel
Ekagrata Finance Private Limited
Address: Nova Miller, 333. Thimmiah Road,
Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore – 560052
Contact No. 080-47185299

How do I reach out to customer care?

At any point, you may write to us at or you can WhatsApp message us on +91 98101 98944.

Is there an expert who can guide me in my financial journey?

Feel free to post your queries in the community section, and our team will guide you or find an expert to help you.

Do you have customer support in other languages?

Yes, we have customer support in Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Telugu and Kannad. If you speak another language, feel free to reach out to us at, and we will find the right person to assist.

How do I report the loss of my phone?

From your registered email ID, share an FIR copy of your lost phone at
If you did not register your email ID, please include a copy of your Aadhar Card to rule out any fraudulent act by someone else.

Where do I report suspicious transactions?

Please write to us at, mentioning the details of the suspicious transaction - the date, time, amount and transaction type (e.g. loan repayment or Mahila Money card debit etc.)

Our team will immediately investigate and help resolve the query within 7 days from the reporting of the transaction.